MIDI Demo - Meditation

This animation is a piano keyboard floating in space. Yeah, I know that you have probably seen this before. What is perhaps interesting here is that I did all the processing to convert MIDI data to IPO curves offline in an external program written in a language that I know, BASIC. I used the CSV Importer Script by Hans (found in the Python & Plugins Forum) to import my processed data as LocZ IPO data for every key used in the music.


I’ve posted this animation here:


hey - i like that!, nice idea :slight_smile:

it must be possible to do that in realtime using the GE too, I bet there’s a pyMIDI module out there somewhere that can process the input in realtime and send the result to motion actuators.

First, thank you for using my script.
I watched the video and when it ended, I was just clapping there. Nice mood. Great artwork.
I also love the idea that MeiaLua provided above. Actually I’ve tried the similar thing to displaying the motion of piano keys in the GE while someone playing piano in realtime in real world. I took a small note of what I tried in the page below.
At the end of my trial, I’ve created a realtime CG using the GE where objects move in a display in the same way as a real experimental equipment does in the laboratory room in real world. I can’t share the final CG because it was made for a company, though.

Nice video and well played if you performed the original midi file. Have you seen this: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=182443
It might save you time in the future. Would love to see/hear more from you…

yoff, yes I am following SirGagarin’s thread. His way is best.

Coming from a musicians standpoint. Any way to use the “velocity” in the midi file. The louder the note the faster and harder the keys are pressed.
Also note release could be smoother.

Looks good either way.