Midi import script , issue.

i want to use the midi import by julesD but i couldnt find any manual or tutorial.

so i load a midi file ,its got just one track or channel.

i want to know how to import just the one i want and import it all , it just imports a piece of the midi file.

here’s a video showing what i do :http://uploader.polorix.net//files/249/play.jpg

and , can i use it to trigger actions instead of just being a IPO ?

is there a script that would enable blender to either receive or transmit MTC MMC or MIDI clock messages in order to sync it to an external DAW or sequencer?

you are shure you did set the EndFrame to the right position?
Default is StartFrame at 1 and EndFrame at 250 … - you know where? in the blender scene settings F10?