MIDI to Wav

What is a good, free, and safe MIDI to Wav converter? I need it desperately for my game. :frowning:

Try Audacity, I think it will do that. Can’t say for sure though, b/c I’ve never tried it.


I use it all the time. reliable and free.

What SO do you use ? For Linux, you can use timidity to do that. Very simple and clean.
I cannot tell a thing about windows, because I don’t use this SO.



When I need to do something like this, I just set Audacity to record from Wave Out, then hit Record and roll the music. A bit of a hack I guess but it works just dandy!

i do the same as pp, only i use an expired version of mixcraft to record and edit (because mixcraft is easier and more complete) then record from wave out in audacity :p.

Thanks PP! WOOT!

Jet Audio makes it perfectly !! …

is there a script that would enable blender to either receive or transmit MTC MMC or MIDI clock messages in order to sync it to an external DAW or sequencer?

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