MIDI Visualization in Blender

I finally got around to writing some Python scripts to help me visualize MIDI in Blender.
Workflow is a little convoluted, but it seems to function. Should be able to visualize all sorts of midi stuff, although a keyboard is actually more simple in some ways.


Eevee is incredible, can play back the animation with sound in the viewport before rendering and it just whirrs right along! Each frame is around 2 seconds too.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to add a scrolling note feed like those in programs like Synthesia so that should be fun. This isn’t a WIP, but if you have ideas I’m open to hearing them!


Check out an obscure music genre called Black MIDI. That thing could be interesting to visualize.

That could be a great way to stress test my scripts hahaha, I might have to try some and see how it works

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