Midievil FpS sorta game

We, braveheart and I are making an fps-based Medievil game, but we’re strugling with some problems, we need help

1)we need to get our bow to shoot in the correct direction.

  1. our croshair isen’t working, when we put in a plane, textures with a .tga image on alfa it works in blender itselves, but as we pack the data and save a runtime the plane just shows blank.

3)we made sure the door opend by pressing a button (explained with an overlay scene) and also playing a sound, but we want to make sure the door doesnt open again and the sound doesn’t play again when you press the button again and the door is allready open.

Please explain this to me :wink:


WARNING: you got a pm.

Well to do the door thing just set up your logic bricks as shown below (or something similar)


i’ve tried but it doesn’t seem to work propperly

Yeah clone dadd that dosnt seem to work did you make a mistake or somthing.

The problem with that set up is that nothing sets the open property back to false. To do that, you would probably need a timer that started at the opening of the door and waited until the door closed, then set the property to false. A near sensor in it’s place would probably be better, but it would be tricky setting up with the keyboard control. Maybe a floor mat like thing with a collision sensor would be better. Then you’d have to be standing on it and press the key to open the door. If you were off the mat, it wouldn’t work.

yh that might work, could you send over an example file or a pic of the settings?



I can’t even upload images from my modem right now for some reason. Just put a collision sensor for the mat in combination with the keyboard sensor, with an “and” controller and then your IPO actuator. Pretty much like the first picture. You might have to make the mat an actor to get collision to register, but you shouldn’t have to give it physics . If the ipo is for the door you’ll have to select both the mat and the door when you connect the wires.

Yeah i get what you mean Fireside thanks alot for the help bud.
If anyone else has any more ideas on how to do this please tell us.