MidJoruney - Alien Egg thing displacement test!

I followed this guys youtube tutorial about how he used photoshop, midjourney, 3dsmax, marmoset toolbag 4 and some other software to turn an image into a 3D object. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uh-qFOi7lQ

I found it a total breeze to do with the free software materialize(the photoshop way looked harder), which created a height, normal, AO, edge, roughness, metalness maps with one click each.

Then I figured out how to easily match what he was doing in 3DSMax with Blender.
I have not taken any time yet to make anything artistic of the render i just used the displacement modifiers and subdiv to get this nice wireframe, and then used the various maps as to create a material, which also includes displacement as well as normal map, AO map, Rougness, and diffuse.
I also plugged the diffuse into the subsurface, and i mixed a translucent shader in as well.

Here is the starting image

The text to image prompt was something like " eggs, eyeballs, fetus, honeycomb, feathers, alien"
Moral of the story is you don’t need 5 pieces of expensive software to achieve the same thing.
Just 2 pieces of free software.


Pretty interesting. I see a new way for quick prop generation. I’ll try this workflow in my next project. Thanks for sharing!

no problem, just be aware on the displacement modifier texture you will need to carefully adjust all the scaling values for it to map to the entire model other wise you will get a small square of displacement or you will get repeating squares not matching your model. That’s the only wired part, the rest is just project from view texture mapping and materials and a slight bit of rough shape modeling.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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