Midnight cell

This is quickie (about 2 hours of work for all exept those chains which I used from objects my friend modelled for this game) made for my personal project, point and click adventure game Melerin- behind moon lit window is cold outside and freedom. Behind doors lit by torches are soldiers and death danger :slight_smile:


Full of atmosphere again, Tol - and the straw looks great!

The only crit from me is that the detail of the wall texture varies too much in detail. It looks too cloudy in the upper area. And what’s this yellow light spot on the wooden door? It doesn’t fit.

Apart from that, it looks very good.

Great modeling and detail work, but I do agree about the wall, texture should be more uniform.

Hi man,
didn’t write with you for ages. How’s it with the game. Is finish closer?
And great image too.
Cheers, osa

Hi , really long time no see :smiley: Well THIS game, which I create in my spare time as freeware, is going on really well and it´ll be finished within couple of monts (x-mas are possible), while Ron Loo is another issue :frowning: