Midnight Feast

A follow up from the “Sunrise” piece I did a while back. Check out the Artstation link for a behind the scenes blender scene tour.



Nice one man! the mood is awesome! :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

SHIT !!!

sorry for the full word but… noone posted any… emotion on this pic ?
since 2 days ? :hot_face:

or mebe am the only ‘dark-and-creepy’ pics lover on this forum ?

Seriously, this art deserves much more attention IMHO and i’m kinda ashamed i passed-by !

Thanks @jopgenhaffen for this and for you future gifts :wink:
I rush on your AS for seeing more !

Please keep up honoring us with this kind of art ! i love it !
And am also kinda curious on many tech things :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe…

@bartv nice you featured this on BN but we’re here on BAF ! why no feat. here for this ?
maybe a forget ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy blending !

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Thank you my friend for the kind words! I love doing these personal pieces and hope to do many more in between my professional work. :metal:t3:

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Congratulations @jopgenhaffen !!! :star_struck:
Very nice creation !!! :smiley:
I like the mist !!! :heart_eyes:

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