Midnight Oil

I’ve made it a bit of a ritual to ask about Midnight Oil at every forum I visit… so… who here knows them?

I’m asking the question because they’re my favourite band. They’re an Aussie group that formed in the late 70s (very late) and broke up in 2002. They played rock, which hardly seems unusual, but what made them stand out was the fact that they sung about stuff that mattered. Lots of people probably remember Beds Are Burning - that was them.
I’ve found that pretty much every other band writes/plays songs about love and stuff. Boring! Why? Because it’s all the same! Okay, granted, there are always exceptions. U2 are great, and Dire Straits did some good songs.
Modern music, I can’t listen to. I mean, listening to some rapper go on and on about how cool he is, or a heavy metal band talking about how their life is so screwed, I’m just sitting thinking… hey, so what’s the point?
Listening to Midnight Oil playing something like River Runs Red, you can’t just say ‘what’s the point?’

Anyway, that’s my little rant on music :wink:
Hope there are some like-minded people here…

You might like a band like Jethro Tull. Listen to their LP ‘Heavy Horses’, or a clasic called ‘Aqualung’, in fact any of their albums. Excellent band of which I own almost all their albums.
Ian Anderson is quite an interesting man, pretty inteligent and good sense of humor.

one of my favourites… powerful music.

Peter Garrett! A 7 foot tall bald guy with skeletal features who danced like like he was having a fit. :slight_smile: I remember him well.

Of course, Peter’s a federal politician these days. He dropped the band, joined a major political party and immediately began to tone down his previous strong opposition to all manner of corporate no-no’s. These days, like most politicians in major parties, he puts the interests of the party before the interests he once held dear. As a membr of the Australian Labor Party, he is actually not allowed to vote against the position decided by the party power-brokers.

I can’t say I was ever a fan but it was a little sad to see him sell out for a guaranteed safe seat in parliament. I think a lot of people feel betrayed, though many still hold onto a belief that ultimately he’ll prove true to previous convictions.