"Midnight" short-movie

My frist blender animation project. Duration about 6 month. No textures used. Rendered with the Blender internal, didn’t know cycles back then :smiley: With this movie I learned to use blender, now my skills are little bit higher already:cool:

(Big quality loss due to dark scene and youtube-upload. Sound a little bit late.)

Enjoy and give me a review

That is an incredible first project for blender. Very nice work editing and adding a great score/soundtrack. I look forward to seeing where your next project takes you.

Really amazing for a first project!!! Some tips…since the animation is short, you can spend more time working on the quality of the textures and detail in the arches to make it more realistic. Some of the animations of the person has to be a little quicker and “cleaner”. overall, really nice…I especially liked the storyline and the unexpected twist to the plot at the very end…be sure to put credits at the end

The problem was that i ran out of time. I had a deadline to finish it, because it was a free school project. and because I didn’t know at the beginning, how far I will get with the movie (I had to learn blender of course :D), i decided to skip the texture part. now i regret it. but I’m working on an new project right now, i which i improve all those things.