Genre:(i’m not sure what it is lol)

Creator: flowepowe

Blender version: i’m going to use blender 2.49 (i hope it will be playable on 2.50 too)

About what is the game?
Well there was a war that last 66 years against a realy big army, the leader of that army was called Midor and the day that Midor was killed, we began a new era and now it is the year 100 After Midor (A.M.).
You are a girl that saw a sword that was on the ground and you picked it up.
But from the moment you touched the sword, it started to glow and “Nysses” appeared.
from here the game will begin.

Questions and Answers:

How can you not know wich genre it is?
I know that you are a girl that needs to kill Midor and save the world (cliché XD)
You are gonna have a sword wich you can block with and attack, jump attacks, special attacks wich you can only activate if your bar (like a hp bar) is filled up, etc
so i think it is an RPG but i’m not sure…

Why that girl, what is so special about her?
Well she is the doughter of an elf and a human, 2 different races may not make children, that is forbidden because Midor was the son of a dwarf and an elf, that didn’t went well, he came evil because he was stronger and faster then the others, the girl that you are playing is also stronger and faster then others.

Do you already have a name for her?
No, so any ideas are welcome.

What are the “Nysses”?
The Nysses are one of the races in the past that joined Midor and became more servants of Midor then a race, thats why they are not seen as a race anymore. They all got killed but from the moment your main char pickes the sword up they respawn because Midor has put a curse on the sword.

Are there more monsters then the Nysses?
What a question is that lol, ofcourse there are.

Is the story realy so short?
No, for the menu shows up i will show u the whole story with pics. (the will be added at the end, if i have some time for something extra, but the story wil be told)

Why are u showing this with so less progress?

For the simple reason, if i go to far with my game without posting there can be allot wrong with it and then i will have to fix it all but if i post it already i will be able to fix it directly.

if u have any more questions ask them and i will answer them with pleasure.

Game progress:

Concept art: 1% (for now only references but i will draw stuff :D)
Models: 0.5%(i think even less :D)
Scripts: 0% (i will try to avoid them as much as possible but i will have to use them i think)
Texture: 0% (i have the idea XD)
Animation: 0%
Sound: 0%

reference for the main character:
(i’m having problems with uploading pics for the moment so pic of the basic model of my main char will come, for now only a reference how she will look like.
sorry if i disappoint u.)

larger version:http://www.dailypictures.info/free-pictures/4484/Female-Warrior-jpg

the hands and other things need some work but this is just an early post and yes this is a render.

did you make that artwork?

anyways, you have quite a bit of things to work out.

“What are the “Nysses”?
The Nysses are one of the races in the past that joined Midor and now actually are evil monsters, they are not seen as a race anymore because they were all killed.”

if they were all killed, how are they living now as monsters?

if this is your first game, don’t try to make some detailed story, make something simple so you can get used to BGE. chances are very slim that youll actually complete your game otherwise, like 90% of the threads on here.

good luck though, interesting story if you can flesh it out better :slight_smile:

edit - if you want to post pics, simply click go advanced at the bottom right of the reply box and use the attachments button

well that i didn’t tell very well :D:
They used to be a race but when they joined the army of Midor they became more like servants of Midor, (that’s why the people see them as monsters) they were all dead but from the moment your main char pickes the sword up they respawn because Midor has put a curse on the sword…

i know a bit more then just basics about the game engine, the only thing that i can’t realy do is python but i have some free books from the internet to read :smiley:

yes i tried to go advanced but my stupid pc don’t upload it today (i have that allot, tomorrow it should upload)

i didn’t drawed the pic myself but i love the pic so much that i wanned to have her as my main char.

So… basically lord of the rings only frodo is a half-elf girl.

i didn’t looked it like that but ye it can be compared with LOTR

Make sure you alter the character design enough that it’s not plagiarism.

ok, well don’t expect any updates for a week but after that week i’m going to work on it allot.