Mig 21 Fighter plane

Hi all,

I’m currently working on an early PFM version of the Mig 21, in north vietnam. After a first try full of mistakes, I’ ve restarted the whole thing.

Now going (or trying to go :D) deeply in the texturing part…
One of the first texturing search on rivets (with mistakes on canopy)

Some color map (canopy not fully corrected) :

And current stage, with a first try of bump mapping on fuselage :

Thanks a lot for comments and advices, a lot of work to be done (and sorry for my so bad english :/).

looking good!

@PixelEuphoria : tanhks, I’ll try to update it soon.

Agree, nice job. I can’t help feel the plane is a little shiny; I thought paint on military planes was a little more matt/diffuse.

@Writer’s Block : thanks for your comment. Lightning and maybe to shiny as you said. I’ve not yet decide about background, I will adjust it soon.
Thanks again !

Hi all,

a little update after various corrections. First markings tests also :


Hi all, a test/draft composition made with old renders for the planes (duplicates to simulate the shot down enemy :/). My first attempt for a sky painting (30 min, only clouds on the down side are photo, modified).

Thanks for comments,

No comment ?

I think the Lighting needs a bit more Higher contrast… especially in the last Render where the plane is high above the clouds…

here… http://molnija.eu/wp-content/uploads/custom_upload/MIG_21/MIG21_00.jpg

here… http://resboiu.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/mig_21_lancer_escadrila.jpg

and here… http://migluver.wordpress.com/2007/07/30/chinese-development-of-mig-21/

Thanks for your comment. In fact, I took a former render to make a draft of composition. You are right, I’ll try with a more contrasted light (with reflect on canopy I think).

Very nice modeling by the way… also remember that texturing and lighting always go hand in hand… you will have to almost always adjust a texture acording to the lighting you use… and adjust lighting when every you do a change up on a texture…

Thanks a lot norvman (I’m not very good in modeling so your comment is very pleasant :). I’ve began a F4 to be the targeted plane. It will be far from the camera, so I’ve not detailled it…

some wires :

and clays:

Thanks for following !
I’m unwrapping the whole F4, try to update soon !

Hey all,

a little update for the targeted plane, an F4E (with a sharkmouth of course :wink: - nothing finalized (camo, weathering, shading etc…) :

Hi, still working on target… some start of weathering and markings. Comments/advices/improvements are welcome !

Thanks for viewing,

Been watching the thread for some time, i say keep up the good work. I don’t know too much about texturing so i cant say much on that,other that i think what you got now is pretty good already. Put it in the clouds! :wink:

Hi DDD, thanks a lot for following and for your nice comment. It’s motivating ! And be sure I will soon put them in the clouds :wink: Thanks again.
Ps : do you think this work could be posted in Focused Critique ? When I read the forum rules, it seems that I can’t ?

? Why not go right ahead! - this looks like it could use “quality feedback on serious works”. I think you have spent a good amount of time on this model and if you are planning on making a scene with it that would definitely qualify to go into the focused critique section…imo…

Thanks for your answer. It is quite hard for me to have an idea of the level of my own images. I worked on the two planes and the composition since september, but I’m not a professionnal, I have children and 3 hours of transport each day. So I can only work on my free times (so about one hour per day maximum)… With the global level, being able to update only after 2 days is maybe a problem for “focused critique” ? Thanks again for your answer.

I think you have a awesome mesh here! Very detailed! Having said that, to me the materials look a little bit flat in my openion. I would make the materials a litttle bit more complex, think mutiple passes. Maybe some grunge, bump, and some tweeks to the specular settings would go a long way to the realisim.

Also, if your not already, I would consider switching to cycles unless this is going to be a animation. If you don’t have cuda cycles is not practicle for animations.

Can’t wait to see more of this…

Thanks Erich for your comment. For the first plane (mig-21) I had some bump map, with grunge effects and lines/rivets. Maybe it should be stronger ? I will try other values. I will had a spec map soon too. For the second plane (F4E), I’m currently working on color map, without any bump mapping yet (but soon I hope). I’m already rendering this with cycles, without cuda because I have a old NVIDIA card, cuda ompliant, but it gives me black screen or crash…

Thanks again, try to update this evening !