Just started a modelling project, featuring the famous Soviet MiG-21 fighter.

Took around 3 hours worth of modelling so far. Basic shape of the fuselage is complete, minus the nose cone, pylons, and exhaust. Need to add some creases too, for the cockpit, dorsal hump, and wing control surfaces.

So far took approximately 3 hours.



Maybe not so detailed, but it really looks like it :smiley: dont know how u gonna make the ailerons and so on, that allways gave me problems… anyway try to make the cocpit :smiley: thats really fun to do, and thats the ting that make a 3d model look more realistic

Well you got the hard part out of the way. All you need now is the nitty gritty detail. In my opinion, making an aircraft is harder than making you’re own 3D character, because everyone knows how an aircraft, in this case a Mig, is supposed to look. Good work so far.

A small update – corrected some errors in the mesh. A few errors still remain, but they’re not significant at this time. The area around the cockpit canopy has been messed up with additional subdivisions, but I don’t think it will impact the model too much. Added shapes for under-wing pylons, remodelled the canopy, and added the exhaust manifold.

I also varied the materials just to roughly distinguish the canopy, nose cone, and exhaust manifold. Eventually, those materials will be tweaked to look realistic. At the moment, they’re just markers for various sections of the mesh.

The crease details – control surfaces and so forth – are going to be hard to add, because I still haven’t worked out how to localise details in the mesh without having to knife individual edges (tedious and error-prone). A proper bevel function would be a really nice addition (ie. bevelling selected edges, rather than the entire object – I know there is the Bevel Centre script, but it crashes on me everytime I try to use it).

Front view:


Rear-quarter view:


Still it is getting better. Bevelling script, actually I’ve never heard of it.

I don’t know how other people model their airplanes, but what do yo think of separating the canopy from the body and then using K tool to add detail to the canopy. And then do the same with the wings etc. Then when finished, Crtl-j everything?

Really nice, looks better :smiley: but isnt glass transparent? :smiley: