I know, I know… every n00b with even a little interest in aviation seems drawn to “Firefox.” :slight_smile: I’m guilty as charged. :slight_smile:

No gear, no tex mapping, and it weighs in at about 1100 faces.

It looks good!.. but more lights on the render will do more justice to it.


Thanks - but better lighting would also reveal the flaws. :wink: :slight_smile:

Interestingly - even looking at the pic in the post, I see some stuff I didn’t notice before… :slight_smile:

Edit: added lights/little background

Reduce the autosmooth angle if you don’t want to use subsurface.

Or make some crease on the edges.

Both good ideas. :slight_smile: I’ve seen some people mention “creases” but haven’t delved into it. I’ll check out some tuts.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Used subsurf and creases. :slight_smile: I know I could subsurf some more, but I kinda need to keep track of the number of polys used. Plus, I like the element of some angularity.

Gonna work on landing gear now…

You should use SetSmooth on all faces, and enable AutoSmooth, think. That way all the creases will remain and it will only be angular in the required parts.


I think doing the autosmooth after setsmooth messes things up - although I may’ve done it wrong.

More creasing - and I’ve noticed you have to add verts to get things to really “angle up” to hard angles. :slight_smile:

That’s looking good.

Just kinda a glory shot… :wink: :slight_smile:

Front gear:

Now, I’m having some trouble getting the trap door to be squared off like I’d like it. Part of the problem is that I couldn’t figure out how to really create the faces that really fit, then rotate them around keeping the edge length the same. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’ve eyeballed it. But even so, I can’t get a good clean panel, even though I’ve creased the hell out of it.

Made a quick scene for some context.

The lighting isn’t so good now for the down side, due to the shadow.


I don’t want to be harsh but before working on the scene you have a more work on the model to do. The smoothing of the model is hum, horrible so what I advise you to do is:

*continue working on the mesh and see your progress in the Solid setting. Improve the model and make it look like something that could come out from a video game Use reference picture and see which part are smoothed out and which are sharp (the tail for example is rather sharp. It looks like its round and bumpy to me, like a mecanic was hitting on it with a hammer

Sorry for being a bit harsh but here is the positive :smiley:
The general shape of the model is good, the landing gear is good and the engine intakes are great too but as said before you need to work on the smoothing of the model.

To sum it up on how to make it better:
Learn how to subdivide and smooth correctly. In a mesh you can select which faces are set to solid and which to smooth (its not necerilly the whole model like you did). Select faces that you wish to be solid (such as the trapdoor you were mentioning) and press solid (if the rest is smooth or do it the way around. Put everything in solid and select the faces to smooth out)

Continue! You’ll make it!

No worries about harshness. :slight_smile: I’ve a far thicker skin than your normal dino… :wink: :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not satisfied yet with the whole mesh. I’ve decided to kinda work on things as I go. For instance, working on the front end while doing the front gear. I’ve started the main gear now, so I’m actually revising the intakes and those areas. The scene was really just to give me a ground plane. :slight_smile: I was using the grid floor, but wanted to put a plane down to make sure I was keeping it all level, so I added a skin I already had to it. :slight_smile:

(While I do have a thick skin, I also get sidetracked easily.) :wink:

I’m learning alot about creasing and adding verts to help with creasing.

I’ve been working with subsuf and optimal, only because I’ve found that if I work without subsurf on, what I end up with isn’t always what I think I’ll have when I hit subsurf. It is more time consuming probably to do it this way.

If you have particular areas you think are really bad - point them out. Except for the cockpit - I’ve creased those edges, but that area will get alot more work before I’m done. I kinda need to model the whole interior to get this project where I want it to be. Not in super-detail, but in enough detail to be able to skin it so it looks super-detailed.

Also, there’s a reason I haven’t shown the afterburners… :wink: They really suck. :slight_smile:

Hi TRexian,
Er, I just happened to pick up on something you wrote in your previous post, and I may have got completely the wrong end of the stick, but…

I noticed you said you’ve been adding more vertices to help the creasing. I wondered if, therefore, you hadn’t been using the automatic creasing of subsurf.
Say you’ve already got Subsurf turned on. If you select an edge you want to have a sharper crease, and press Shift-E, it’ll ask you how much you want that edge creased. Press 1 (or move the mouse in the right direction) and then click or press Enter, and the edge will be fully sharp, while all other edges will remain in their rounded state.
Of course, you don’t have to press 1 - you can have a plethora of other states of sharpness.
Also, under the Edit Buttons is a ‘Show Creases’ button - this will make the lines of creased edges thicker, depending on their creasedness. Yes, I’m making up words! :wink:

Anyway, so as I say, I may have interpreted your post completely wrongly, so I just said that in case. :smiley:

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. :slight_smile: Sometimes I use the mouse to adjust just the right sharpness, but most of the time I just enter 1. :slight_smile:

Sometimes its hard to get it just right. I’m doing some extruding, and when I do that, it starts off kinda wacky until I move the verts around a little bit. Plus, the interaction of creased and non-creased edges can be tricky.

I’m getting the hang of it, though, I think. :slight_smile: (Right now, if I’m in doubt, I go ahead and crease). :slight_smile:

I think I like the idea of using a mix of smoothed and solid, though, in some places.

I just realized I forgot the main gear doors. :doh:


Still to do: main gear doors, add panel to front gear, add light housings on each gear, cockpit, aft end, and probably the internal weapons bays. And whatever crits I get. :slight_smile:

I like the overall lines of it, though. Seems very similar to the movie plane.

Oh, I had to rework the intakes. There ain’t no way the gear could be in the place where the 'net resources on the movie have them. Just not enough room. So. I had to tweak it a bit. I’ll probably end up reworking those, too.