Might anyone have a new OSX build ?

I see the newest version on graphicall.org is from Aug 28 , so the new cvs must have some nice bug fixes…

Can anyne please share a new build ?

Lol, the wonderful world of opensource software… I can’t imagine someone posting thisn on the Autodesk Maya forum:

It’s been 20 long days, can we have an update please??

And No, sorry I don’t have an OSX build. Although if it is possible to crosscompile OSX binary using SCONS/MinWG/GCC, i am willing to build one for you. (I’ll need a guide on how to do crosscompile for osx, though)

bah ?!?
Well anyways… looks like no so far :frowning:

What about downloading from cvs and then compiling on your own? Has your
computer some kinds of impairments we don’t know about?

If it does, then he probably doesn’t want to be running blender on it anyway (even though blender does tolerate even quite shabby machines).


I think he’s got one of those computers that comes with a lazy user. I have one of those too. It takes ages to get anything done.

I could compile one I suppose but I’m pretty lazy so I doubt it’ll be ready before 2008.

The thing is, youngbatcat, in a weeks time will you be wanting another build as soon as some other feature gets added? If so, I’d look into compiling stuff yourself. It’s easier than you think. You have to watch with CVS builds though because you might do some work that won’t open in the official version. That’s happened to me before so I just stick to official builds.

I think it would be good for development of Blender to split in sections a bit more so that developments can happen quicker. Maya for example has separate libraries for subdivs and NURBs etc that load dynamically. This means that official updates can happen to one or more components without worrying too much about the whole program.

As Blender grows in size, I can see a more modular architecture becoming necessary to ensure stability and manageability.

FYI, compiling a full blender (with sound, avi, openal, and the game engine) only takes 10 minutes on a Athlon Xp 3200+(2.2Ghz), that’s with 1.5GB of RAM…on XP.

Woooow, how you people forget stuff…

I was once a very active cvs builder, and would post updates alot, even tuhopuu… but it was looking like someone else was building them so I stopped then reformated and sicne now i’m on intel it’s even harder to build it.


I built Blender on my MacBook Pro a while ago using the 2.42 sources. I got all the dependencies using darwinports but had to disable some features in the build config and had to alter all the paths (I’m neither a scons-expert nor a OS X expert so maybe I did something unecessary stupid but it worked).

If you want, I can send you my config file tonight, or if you wait a bit I may even be able to compile a CVS tree over the weekend.

Uploading one to graphicall as I type…

Here 'tis:

awesome!. Many thanks.*

No wait file not found

schdeffan I will tage the config file if you want to share it. I can try and compiile again.*

It doesn’t like the tar.Z format I sent.

New file, in .tgz, which it likes. I tested, and there’s a file there.

Thanks harkyman,

Just tried it and it won’t work on my Macintel iMac. I’m guessing it’s PPC only? Not a problem, just thought I’d give it a look…

Yeah, sorry. Not for Intel Mac.

Just tried it and it won’t work on my Macintel iMac.

Is this build for PPC or INTEL? This thread is confusing now :smiley:

Same thing if blender would go UB Universal Binary