Might be gold in the hills

I’m talking about advanced modeling tutorials. All the tutorials are about intro and beginner. After one has learned these essentials, they would like further education. Tips and tricks, things they would not have found even with practice.

I have considered it quite a bit. But it will be extremely difficult and time consuming for tutors to make, and then super difficult for people to follow.

If for example, there is a tutorial for making a submarine for beginners. It would be a cylinder shaped and textured.

But for advanced users, it would be spending 5 days only on blueprints to get the dimensions right. Then creating all surfaces piece by piece.

I am not saying that advanced tutorials are wrong, but they they tend to be extremely detailed and verbose. Thus extremely time consuming.

As for example if you can model a bolt and set it in place, you know the technique, you’re ok to go. But if you consider of showing how to place 5.000 bolts in place estimated time will go off the charts.

Unless there are better ways to make advanced tutorials. I am ready to other suggestions. :slight_smile:

I wish that more tutorials were written, or at least were accompanied by much more written content. Quite a few videos out there are both very long and not particularly effective. I find them to be extremely tedious, and inevitably “scrub” through them looking for the good parts. Sometimes I never do find them.

Now, having said that, some tutorials are exceptional – like the stuff at Blender Cookie. It’s just that there really is a very big difference between “knowing how to do something, yourself,” and knowing how to teach that something.

I have no problems paying money for a well-produced tutorial or series. “A workman is worthy of his hire.”

I like the Blender Secrets channel. Their tutorials are rarely ever longer than a couple of minutes, assuming you already have a basic understanding of Blender, but they show off all kinds of neat one shot and done tips and tricks.