Mighty Wings

Modeled and rendered in Blender and textured in 3D Coat. Flak explosions also done with Blenders smoke volumes.


It’s very impressive ! Great job !

Those planes are full of details, that’s cool. And managing those explosions with smoke simulation is great too.

The only concern I have is about the speed feeling of the picture, we don’t see it, maybe just a circular blur of the propeller of the plane ?

What a great scene! I used to love those WWII fighters and bombers when I was a kid. Reminds me of The Flying Tigers, that 1942 movie with John Wayne, so many times watched on TV! Fantastic job!

Very nice aircraft. My only suggestion would be to add some flame/fire to one or more of the flack bursts to make it appear as if they just exploded.

Thanks for the feedback and comments guys. I have taken them into consideration and working on them.
Draentor- I made the motion blur on the prop a little more prominent
Mark06GT - I went ahead and added some subtle flame/fire in some of the flak bursts.
Ed_Fagues - Happy the image has some nostalgia for you.

I will post another version soon. Thanks.

Made some of the changes suggested. They are subtle. Also changed the color grade and some other things as well.