Boy, am I suffering a migrain.

I spent years drafting. Learned many different applications. This translated to basic CAD apps fairly easy.
Spent years as a carpenter manufacturing objects from raw materials. Can draw and read blueprints.
I understand scale and such.
I have read and viewed blender tutorials and videos. Read the wiki about basics as well as googled up more. Major information overload. The basic logic behind blender and 3D modeling is escaping me.
Please do not tell me I have to have a 4 year college degree to understand this stuff.
Tutorials are for peeps that have a basic understanding already.
I do not mind paying for knowledege but I have to get an inkling that I can accomplish my goals, that this is what will help, before I spend money on it.

Why is this stuff and the tutorials so obtuse? I did not think that this was gonna be easy, but its just not logical.
Quite frustrated here.

What are your goals? Since you mention CAD, I imagine you’re rendering environments or hard-surface objects. If so, Blender Cookie’s starter videos that cover interface and modeling should get you going fairly quickly. The learning curve is a bit brutal, especially if you’re coming from other well-established programs. I’m just settling in and having difficulty with sculpting.

An idea of where you want to go with Blender would be helpful.

I don’t quite understand you. Do you need help with something? And if so please specify clearly so you can be helped.

You should probably start at the tutorials that explain the user interface, and be prepared to start at a very basic level if you are brand new ( I remember putting together an attempt at a robot using plain boxes and cones and such when I was first starting out) , Blender does things differently than many softwares, so at first you will likely find the interface very odd to work with in the beginning.
I’d reccommend the “Getting Started” section here if you are brand new to Blender.

No, you don’t need a four year degree, but it may take at least a couple months or so to get proficient in using Blender’s tools. Blender’s not really one of those softwares that you can just get started instantly in, it will take some time and experimentation.

Hope this helps.

I took a step back. Uninstalled blender 2.65 to clear out all my junk I had been toying with. It is now reinstalled.
I broke down and got a cg cookie citizens membership so I could access all the basic beginners tutorials. I had watched what was free and that was somewhat helpful so…

Thanx for not breaking my balls for whining. I was just seriously frustrated cuz every step was like pulling teeth.

The issue is that I have no formal education or experience with CG or 3D modeling. I mean zero, none, nada. I have worked with no other software along these lines, I cannot write code of any kind. I have experience with drafting, hands on building, art, limited CAD, GIMP, sketchup. I taught myself to build computers, flight game controls, so to me, this is just another thing to learn.

My goal is a massive multiplayer WW2 flight game. Where its about aerial combat and aerial war in general, with emphasis on semi reality, where players can paint their own planes and fly in squadrons against other squadrons. Giving them a vested interest in the game and having aerial combat fun. Along the lines of an ACES HIGH experience, but employing some of the modern computer advances.

1st goal is 2 types of plane in a blue sky environment able to dogfight each other in a semi realistic way. I want to get to a point where what I do attracts some coders and other artists to help me get to the final goal. Tall order I know but… what the hay. I’m just to old to spend 10 years in development. Typical American in a hurry.
TY 4 link, will check it out to be sure.

If you come from a CAD background, like I did… oh crap 20+ years ago?.. anyway, it was hard for me to come from CAD and just use the tools in a 3D content creation app with the freedom they provide. It is a bit of a learning curve, but one of the things that helped me is to stop trying to be so exact the way you would with CAD, and just go with it. Forget the old rules and learn anew. It will take some time and a bit of frustrating moments that have to be overcome (they still happen often), but things will begin to click.

gday spyknee …

your trouble is that your glass is full. as others have advised, you need to begin with the interface.
you also have to give yourself some time to get the way Blender works with you - it is different yes, but very functional.
reset your goals. your first goal is to work with the interface, add/make basic objects and begin to understand Blenders
integration with image files, .blend files and other files.
you will not need to spend money if you take the guidance from the others … go to http://www.blender.org/education-help/tutorials/ - and i am only talking about the ‘Getting Started’
section - and - you don’t have to understand everything, there is too much anyway.

don’t read the manual at this stage - your best learning will come from basic tutorials for the interface and modelling. then you can start to be selective - learn things as you need them.
you will begin to get it fairly quickly and then you will have a good place to start for questions.

ty good advice.

If it’s game development your into you might want to look into unity. It is free (The non-pro version) and can be used to make great games. However you still should start in blender for it has all the tools you need for creating assets and other things which I believe can’t be done in unity