Migrating from After Effects to Blender: how to animate in this style?


Is there anything in Blender that can produce animations like in this example automatically:

Any tips would be appreciated!

My first thought, if you really don’t want to doit by hand (a matter of 30 seconds), would be to add a normalized sine fcurve modifier. this should come close.
but - again -i would rather do this by hand.

Drivers are kind of like expression driven properties that you have in After Effects. Basically you can create a python script that returns a value to the parameter that has the driver applied, such as rotation. You can put your decay/bounce code in the python script.

I did a video tutorial on how to use Blender like After Effectshere.
I also created an AddOn to emulate SureTarget functionality also.

Atom thats great! I will check your tutorial out! Suretarget also sounds great!