Miguel and the Bouncing Ball

Hi all,

just wanted to share my latest animation (20sec):


There character is from “The Road to El Dorado” from Dreamworks. I did the modelling, rigging and animation. Sound Design by Joseph Birch.

bump bump bump

Great gesture and mimic control!
Love it!

I like it very much! Short short but with very nice animation.

Hey that was excellent. May I ask you something? Was it totally hand animated or did you use some sort of motion capture? I say this because some gestures are quite perfect for humans, however even though the animation is very smooth with perfect arcs and timing, I see some sort of unusual flickering among frames. Correct me if I am wrong with my views.:smiley:

Animaticoide: It is all keyframe animation, i used lots of video reference of myself in front of the camera. Maybe the flickering is when i switch between IK/FK and that sort of stuff. I am afraid the deformation results of the modes are not 100 percent equal. I am glad you liked it, i worked way too long on the shot.

I watched your website and you are a terrific rigger & animator. Great work experience you have.
Are you freelancer, enterpeneur or employed? Not that I have a job for you but whas just wondering.

I like the small gestures you did in this animation. It looks pretty real.

Hey I went to your website, your demo reel ( march-2010) is quite professional. The Farm is one of the series I watch every day. However I notice that it wasn’t made in Blender. What software do you use for its production?

Are you looking for work?

I must confess that I do not believe everything at once…Sorry… Tell us a bit more about The Farm Production Series that you animated at PARAMAOUNT PICTURES, also, how did you set your path to learn Blender?

Animaticoide: Thank you :slight_smile: For Barnyard, i was working on the movie only, not the TV series that came afterwards. The movie was done in Softimage XSI at Omation Studios, but for the series they switched to using Maya as i heard (i personally like XSI very much though). I was lucky to be able to work on that movie in the USA. Other than that i mostly worked as an animator in Germany (where i am from) for Ambient Entertainment, also doing feature films, using Maya. Until now i always worked as an employee, and i think i would like to continue that way. How i got to use blender - almost two years ago a friend of mine had to convince me very hard several times to keep trying it out. I figured that with some scripting, i could create rigs that are at the same level as in the other packages and i liked the idea of the openness, i saw the Big Buck Bunny-Project, i saw pepeland was using it too and all that. So stuck with it, and it also made me embrace linux. I am aware that the big studios use mostly Maya, but if i was founding my own studio, i would probably use blender. Still, XSI would be a choice as well. But I think i am drifting away :slight_smile:

edit: AFAIK Paramount financed and distributed the Barnyard movie, but it was produced by and at the Omation Studios. Also for the sake of clarity: as for the movie shots you see in the reel, i ONLY did the animation. No texturing, lighting, modeling, rendering whatsoever.

Hey man thanks for your lines. Interesting facts. The animation in the movie is great and as I said before, quite professional. It looks very smooth and realistic. The video posted here ( The man and the ball ) is great too, very realistic and natural.

I wish you the best, keep us posted with any of your Blender tests !

Awesome work! Very polished indeed.