hello everyone, this is my first post, my name is Yoga Priyanto from Indonesia, and it’s my first artwork post too,…
made with… ofcourse blender, & gimp…
c&c welcome…


This is your first piece! :o Its amazing! The skin texture and eyes could use some more work. They don’t quite convince me that its skin and eyes. But otherwise very impressive modelling and lighting!

and it’s my first artwork post

it’s not his first work, nobody can do that the first time :smiley:

great work :wink:

:slight_smile: yes this is not my first artwork… but this is my first serious artwork with blender…

nicely done. Is it possible to see a wireframe shot? Id quite like to see your wires as I always have terrible trouble with heads.

i use “joan of ark tutorial”, u can see it here :

correct link is
(there’s no such thing as .aspj. :slight_smile: )

Congrats on good render and creative use of tutorial.

absolutely fantastic, great work =D

the eyes, lips, hair and clothing are really consistant and the lighting accompanies it well.

Congrats =D

Only one crit: …why arent there more people like You here!? :wink:

And seriously, I think the skin material could be improved a little, and the rest looks great.

There are two types of 3d heads:

  1. Those which are clearly a head, but show no character, look plastic and in the end, fake.

  2. Those that show a sign of real character, which is very hard to achieve but when done, it makes the overall composition look much more believable and realistic.

You have #2. Congratulations. Everytime I try, I always end up with #1. :frowning:
Persiverance I spose. Love the dress too. :wink:

Keep up the good work.

Crit: Work on your lighting and a scene!