Mike the Worm

Mike is an original character my friends and I created as an inside joke, but he was too cursed to let go of, so here he his.
For this, I used Blender to model, texture, rig, and render everything. I used Photoshop afterwards to create the “nostalgic” photo effect.


Lol, love this guy. The polaroid look is great. Kinda feels like it could be a scene from Monsters inc.


Thanks! I was sort of going for that “mysterious picture in grandma’s photo album” type of look, but Monsters Inc. works too!

Hahaha, you must have an interesting grandma. :joy: I loved that movie so much as a kid, so that’s where my mind went instantly. Gave me some nostalgia.

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I guess it’s a mission: accomplished, then lol.

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