Mikey TMNT

So I saw this amazing artwork last week created by amazing Dan Mora

I just learned a little bit of sculpting (thanks to Kent tramell’s awesome tutorials) with my newly bought wacom bamboo, so decided to try it on this

I will post more images on next comment, So my question is what to do next? Retopology and texture baking and stuffs? That is a bit too much for me , is there any short way around? How can I create a render that resembles the original artwork? I should just create some similar materials without textures for objects? I would really like some good suggestion on how to move forward on this one, may be you can suggest me some good tuts or courses.
Thank you and I am not sorry for my bad English, it is not my mother tongue :smiley:
EDIT: I revised the images as they had some incredibly stupid mistake, thanks to Modron for pointing it out.

some more images

Please point if there are more of those silly mistakes, also I really appreciate some suggestions on how to move forward on this.

\O_o/ I love it! Most experienced sculptors can’t even get that close! Beautifully done, bro!

There are a couple of errors, that are due to the fact that in the drawing, there are convergences of lines that are causing visual confusion. The thing coming off his belt is actually the hilt of his sword, but there is no outline separating it from his belt in the drawing, so it is confusing. The other thing is the piece of cloth that originates from the belt area. This is actually his belt looping around his shell.

Thank you bossestrebders for the kind words

Damn that was really confusing, what I noticed is that there is one sword in the front covered with a cloth and handle is coming out of it, and then there is another sword on the back above shell, but actually it is as you described. Currently the belt in the sculpt i made is just around the waist and not covering the shell. I still feel stupid tho, you observation should be the first to come in mind. Thanks, I will change it.

This is so stupid I mean who the hack will cover their sword in cloth? I think I should delete this thread lol.

No don’t do that! Just take a little break if it’s frustrating you and come back to it. It’s a beautiful model.

Thanks Modron, I am not frustrated, I just updated the images, please have a look.

awesome man. phew…that was a close one.

So it seems that no one liked this post, still I am gonna leave this render here, in case I get some nice suggestions or someone points out mistakes.

Kowabunga, dude!

Really nice work. The only thing I noticed right away was that his feet look a little too small (at least compared to the drawing). Other than that, very good job.

Thank you guys for the good comments, I feel like the pants are too shiny and drawing all the attention. So I am lowering the glossiness.

Woah cool updates! Personally I like the shiny pants, and I think his headband could use some translucency… Maybe some SSS on his skin, but I’m not sure o_o Keep it up!

Hey I tried using sss for skin but honestly I can’t get it to work. I suck at cycles.

I think I am gonna call it finish with some background

I am so surprised you do not have more comments ? This sculpt is great ! Five stars from me !

Thanks Danny, I will see if there is anymore stupid mistake left, let me know if you find any or I will post this in finished one final time.