a militant/soldier/mercenary (what ever you wanna call him) im working on. this is the high poly version, once done i will trace over over and make a low poly version and try to bake the textures off the high poly version. stand at 66k polys atm with sub surface on. c&c very welcome.


Very nice. I don’t see anything to remark on.

What are you going to do with the low poly version?

well it would be nice to try and getting it running in a game engine, the unreal 3 engine maybe as that seems to be pretty good for stuff like this, would need to find someone who knows about all that stuff though, i think my mate might, but i dont have a clue about the technical side of games, only the modeling, animating, rigging and texturing.


thats looking really cool man. It seems the quality of work on this site just keeps getting better (maybe its in my head).

definately not just in your head mate… The quality of work is increasing as blender gets better and easier to use it is also allowing more faces and verts without crashing

or perhaps also a matter of since blender is getting better its being taken more seriously. Thus attracting more serious artists.


I am new to blender.

Could you please go through what method you used to model that?

I have been modelling a figure using cubes and then subsurfing it. It doesn’t feel like the best method.


There are two main methods used for modelling, box and poly.

In box modelling you start with a box and extrude, subdivide and reshape to mould the mesh into shape.
With poly modelling you start with a plane and extrude and position each poly to get the shape you want.
A sample of poly modelling is

A third method is to start with a box and subdivide it then use the sculpting tools to reshape it as needed.
Here is a timelapse sculpting that may help

Looks good, but something that my eye freaks out: are the arms too short or the legs too long? Maybe it’s just my imagination after a week of work :stuck_out_tongue:

Appart from that, really it’s GOOD!

You’re right, the arms are a bit too short.

that seems a tad boxy, maybe it’s just the angle or the lighting, but the other than that it’s freaking amazing and yes the arm are short to me

first off thanks for the feed back people. im looking into what has been said atm, but ill still go through each reply (would be the only polite thing to do after all :))

Jaynesh - as was pointed out by loopy shane the 2 main types of modeling. personaly i use box modeling for mechanical objects, and poly for organics, but this is just me, i tend to find everyone devlopes their own style and ways of doing things the more they keep at CG work. having said this though if you can wait a little bit im writing up a few things with some pics on how i modeled him, but i cant write that much text in the box at one time :slight_smile: so keep watching and ill have something (that resembles a tutorial) quite soon.

Khell[PT] - you are not the first person to sugest this, its a case thats confusing though, as when i lay the model back over the human proportion sheet he was modeled off everything matcfhes up, so something is deffintly wrong…its just a case of putting what to what :spin: (it could be the camera, just one more thing to check i guess)

Mazui - again to you mazui, same as abouve but thanks for pointing it out too.

WAM Breaker - boxy? could you elaberate a bit, and yes again arms lol.

also on the thing about blender, i agree that its becoming alot more professional, and i know for a fact it has many features that max nor maya have, i tihnk this really speaks to its credit, and i cant wait for the day its considered industry standerd! then ill never hve to use max again!! wooo!! happy days that will be :smiley:

whislt i work the arm issue (or what ever the hell is going on) i made his gun today, its an FN SCAR with the 20 inch barrel, i tihnk its suits him quite well.
again, all c&c appricaited.

oh yer, and the gun will undergo same proces as man, rip the textures off high poly, and then put em on a low poly one (i hope)


Just guessing now… maybe you only had a front view reference and his elbows were slightly bent as if he was in a gun duel position:

That can be quite hard to see if you see him from straight ahead.

i think you might have hit the nail on the head Mazui, he was actually modeled in the position you just pointed out there, his arms have never been straight down by his side. ive got a wire of him earlyer on in the modeling precess. perhaps it help clear the confusion. if you still think its wrong though, do say.


Measuring on myself I get this: Elbow at about the same height as my belt, fingertips about halfway down the thigh, and from the fingertips there’s about a palm down to the knee.

Maybe I have too long arms :slight_smile:

edit: Note that the drawing isn’t entirely accurate.

sorry i forgot to type “hat” i thought the hat seemed boxy in the first pic

I think mazui is right…cept just a little long seems to me maybe just to the bottom of that groove in the pants


Thank you for your response, I have just one more question.

How did you achieve the wrinkles in the clothes? I can’t see them in the wireframe.

You have done an excellent job in modelling this figure.


I think I got fooled by the kneepads, which seems to be a bit low. :slight_smile:

finally managed to get some more done.

Jaynesh - the wrinkles are just modeled in by hand, the wire renders were from before i had rendered out that picture. probably should have said :rolleyes: