Military hangar scale question.

Im planning on building this hangar that will have actors composited in foreground.

The dimensions are length 1,072 feet

width 296 ft

height 192 ft.

Sorry for this newb question but how should i approach this?

One blender unit is considered to be 1m. You could use proportions and use any measurement units you want: 1072 = 1; 296/1072= x; 192/1072 = y.
Add Default cube and on N panel multiply scale values by x, y. When you have actor figures, make approximate assumption of the scale you’d need to to look them proportional to the hangar.

Alternatively, switch Scene units to imperial and use scaled down ft values.

you can use meter / ft and use real dimensions

afterward you can always make a new file copy and then re-scale to whatever you want !

happy bl