Milk Flowing into Cereal

(H-C) #1

Hey heres a pic i did, it was just kind of a experiment to see if i could achieve a flowing liquid pouring.


(IMProvisar) #2

Very nice… but is there a way to make those blobs look more solid? At the moment, they look less like drops of milk splashing around, and more like mist churned up by a waterfall.

Other than that, very nice.


(HpyGoCrazy) #3

The picture looks pretty good. You should add some disturbance to the milk like small ripples. And maybe smaller fatter O’s.

(blengine) #4

oo prety cool, but at first i thought the milk pouring was a spoon :wink: maybe if u show the carton its pooring out from it would look a ton better, and add a spoon =)
great job

(S68) #5


I love those cereals too


(basse) #6

oh man, what did you do to ztonzy’s bloodcells?

btw. nice pic!! mmm… I like mornings…


(sten) #7

ROFL !!! :smiley:

hehe…well Phill…nice work… :wink:

(stephen2002) #8

yes, the milk does have a solid look too it…hence the reason it looks like a spoon at first glance.

The place where it is hitting the other milk is too volumetric…and you don’t have enough cerial in there.

Also, the milk should be distrubed from the pouring rather than a flat surface.

If you really wanna go nuts, the milk should be lapped up around the cerial…due to the cohesion between the milk molecules.