Milk glass

please help!!
does somebody know how to make milk glass Material? Or a material you can slightly look trough or better only see a kind of shadow of the object behind it. The object behind the glass is illuminated from the back it self.

With normal transparency I only get totaly transpareny because of the light behind. sss doesn’t do nothing - I mean you cannot even see the shadow behind or even a silouhette :frowning:
please help!!


here it´s a possible setup for your material.

thanks luis!

that looks like cycles…
unfortunately I need to render it with the old renderer because the scene is VERY complex and thats the only Material thats missing + I have to finish it soon and I tried cycles only a few times :frowning:


What about this one with BI.:

It works great!!
It’s Awesome!!
You saved me some trouble :slight_smile:

thank you very much luis!!