Milk 'n honey

Here is a shot I did for this weeks weekend challenge. Its nothing spectacular (by a long shot), but its the first time I’ve used this many nodes (I know, noob) and I kinda liked the result so I thought I’d post it here.

I’d love to hear any crits or comments for future projects (since I don’t have any time to work more on this one).

Thanks for looking.

1st Pic: With node work (and more lighting)
2nd Pic: Without nodes (and less lighting)


You need to keep the black background out.

I’m not quite sure I understand your comment? You think that I should have a different background?

Its a bit burnt out, and yes the background should be changed; perhaps even a gradient would do some good.

Change the camera angle or make the ground/table bigger, because the black in the background is bad.

I know I said I wasn’t going to change anything, but…now it is finished.


the second pictures look better!

Definately. Nice work, but the honey looks a bit too liquidy. Did you use real liquids? Bisquits have a 90 degree cliff, which is probably unrealistic, but its still a good weekend pic. Hmmmmmmm… i want some milk and honey now… hmmmmmmmmmm