Milk nd biscuits.

This is latest and last update of my milk shader experiment in cycles, modeled in blender and rendered in cycles, added a hue/saturation node to gain more control over milk color and it worked nice. I added SSS, normal map to aid displacement map to the biscuits too, very little of it but you can see the DIFFERENCE (if you saw it’s previous version)! corrected it’s UV. Browsed for how napkins is placed with serve like this, found napkin is kept folded and on plate if the plate is empty, under it if serving something light like this and folded and kept beside plate if you gotto use folk and spoon, so kept under it. Tried to model half eaten biscuit not much success but displacement map handled it I guess, added a glass cover in the scene, napkin also has displacement and normal maps obviously. That’s pretty much it!