Mill Station

Mill Station and plane modeled in Blender imported into Unreal 4.
Game project here:

Ooh, that scene looks daunting… Hope the building is open for exploration from top to bottom. :slight_smile:

Oh are you taking the bait hook and sinker :slight_smile:

Already scaled and gutted, ready for the fry pan.

Heh, glad to hear :slight_smile:

A side view …

really pretty atmosphere.

Thank you :slight_smile:

With waterfall in …


Camera move.

Mountain built still work in progress …

Kinda done with the mountain the Mill Station is sitting on pending a few tweaks like adding a few rocks on the big ledge’s edge
and a few other details.
For the very distant (and biggest) mountains I knocked down the lightmap resolution to 4.

Hanging in there …

Stranded and wondering what to do.

Promotional picture.