Millani's Procedural Sketchbook

Is was trying to make some procedural snakes for Nodevember (theme reptile), but I ended up with flowers instead. Luckily, that happens to be tomorrows theme. :smiley:

I wrote the following script to generate all meshes in this scene (well, except for the plane :P). (8.8 KB)

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Nodevember 15: Tiles

The whole thing is just a plane with procedural displacement. I like the tiles, but I’m not happy with the texture of the thing below them.

Here is the blend file used to generate this.
Tiles-01.blend (1010.2 KB)

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Complete Graphs

This script constructs a complete graph from two objects: one for the nodes and the other for the edges. (3.1 KB)


Pseudo Hexerei

A hex grid generated from little pieces. The pieces where hand-made, and the script below placed them in a pseudo-random fashion. (1.9 KB)


If there’s something i really like about computer graphics is procedural environments :heart:

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From the hex-grid-generator you can actually get a maze with paths. :slight_smile:

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