Millenium Falcon - Star Wars (WIP)

I’m kinda on a Star Wars kick at the moment. The ease of finding blueprints online helps when I’m deciding on something to model. My latest project is modeling the Millenium Falcon. I’ve spent about 6 hours on this so far and decided I should post the progress to get some feedback before I get too far down the tracks. I am not the greatest with texturing, so maybe once it’s done someone will want to bring it to life with a paint job.

:smiley: nice, i look forward to seeing this progress!

Started adding more detail work like the greebles around the center of the ship. It’s painstaking but it will pay off in the end.

overall shape is good. Just need to get sufficient greeble and then do the streak-y off-grey texturing and you’re set.

Going great! one thing though : “I am not the greatest with texturing, so maybe once it’s done someone will want to bring it to life with a paint job.” => If you’re not the greatest with texturing that is all the more reason to paint it yourself :wink: I’m sure that on a highly-detailed model like this it will make for a good excersice :slight_smile: just take your time and keep posting! :slight_smile:

Join the spaceship club! Nice modeling so far, I’d love to see where this goes.

Will you be adding detail in edit mode, that is geometry to the master mesh. Or are you adding layers of accessory mesh?

I will for sure give it a shot, but I’m not too confident I will be pleased with the results. Thanks for the encouragement though.

I’m doing a combination of the two methods. I am adding some base detail to the master mesh in edit mode, but the greebles and such are accessory layers on top of the mesh.

I’ve slowly been adding detail to the ship hull, its going to take awhile to get every square inch. In the meantime I wanted to see what it was looking like rendering with cycles. I only did 200 passes so it is grainy but gives you an idea.

Looking awesome to be fair.

Looking great!

Update on the progress. It’s harder to tell the differences because at this point its mostly details. These renders are very grainy (100 passes) but you’ll get the idea. I added the turrets on top and bottom, next I need to work on the rear shield and then its strictly detail work from there.

:smiley: its looking excellent, i have a model of it in my room (its not great) but i i did notice that the front part of the windowed area isnt flat, it is actually slightly rounded…hopefully you know what im on about.

There was amazingly detailed paper model of Millenium Falcon, done by user Rabe on forum.

Try google keywords “Rabe” (nick of author) “Millenium Falcon”, “kartonbau”.

I found also such link:

Hopefully it would help. Also on my HDD I have pictures of whole building process, so I could help with some screenshots.

Very Nice! I thought the cockpit had some greebles on however…

Here are two screenshots of Rabe’s paper model:


Nice, without greebles looks like Ralph MacQuary concept art (which I love).

You’re right. I found some pictures of props used in the film and the cockpit is actually angled instead of flat.

Thanks for the reference images. I have come across some high-res images of a prop used in the film that I am also using. I am not trying to make the greebles 100% accurate, just the major elements. After all, what is art but an illusion of realism?