Million Raindrops...

(A2597) #1

And they all fall, Like a million raindrops…


(Goofster) #2

I count only 20 :slight_smile:

very moody picture. but If you want tostich with the sentence, the background needs a lot more “raindrops”


(lycanth) #3

I like the burned-in feel. But yeah, a thicker swarm of “raindrops” (what are they, anyway? :P) might be cool.

(noid) #4

Nice. You really have an eye for aestethics… Your pics would be really great if only you’d make your own models too :wink:

(S68) #5


/mr too counts 20, plus a 21st which is partially seen top right…

Backround image is just that, and hence everithing lacks depth, raindrops are black and blocky, loks like a hailstorm, of lead pellets :slight_smile:

Look at the Storm by Caronte in this forum for a really awesome rain animation (well, water is great, rain is one step behind) or at
for a fake humbliness almost decent fake humbliness wet snow fall


(A2597) #6

Those are my own models. :slight_smile:

(A2597) #7

OK, I’ll add more of them, but remember, the millions comes from the fact that this is a world wide thing… :slight_smile:

Relizes that most people here arn’t B5 fans


OK, just so you know what this is…
This is a planet side view of a “Shadow Planet Killer” a device made by a race called the “Shadows”. basically it just covers an entire planet, and drops ALOT of thermo-nuclear bombs on it (Thats what those objects are).

pic should make a little more sence now. :slight_smile: as should the title. :slight_smile:

(digitalSlav) #8

bombs… pellets… black googly things??

by models he was refering to your terragen picture… and why 3 suns? must be pretty friggin hot so hot i would imagine that there would be no water what so ever. the two low suns look like they are sitting on the planet as they are infront of the mountains in your background.

runs to grab sunscreen… and water… oh no, no water… my skin!!!

it feels like sand paper!!!

no this can’t be happening…

waaaa… tttteeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr…


(A2597) #9

note the tern “thermo-Nuclear”
meaning Nukelear warheads.
ever notice what a nuke looks like when it blows up? makes the sun look dull.
the two “suns” as you call them are really bombs that have hit the ground.

(lycanth) #10

Ahhh, okay. In that case, it makes much more sense. :slight_smile: I dunno how the device is deployed, but perhaps you could give it more depth by spreading the bombs out at varying heights, further back into the scene, as though they were being dropped in a trail?

(Alltaken) #11

how about some texture in the explosions on the ground or a bit more of the ground visable so its a bit more obvious.

nice pic like the background :o

(haunt_house) #12

blaick rain :-?

Are we going to have ourselves a nice nuclear holocaust?


(Dittohead) #13

wouldn’t they be green?

(A2597) #14

both wrong, dark grey. :smiley:

(haunt_house) #15

exaggeration is the right of the artist. 8)