Mimicking 3D CG Anime in Blender

This is my 1st post here but playing around with Blender has been 1 of my hobbies for quite some time, so 1st of all i present my greetings to the Blender community. Moving on to the topic, recently i started watching the 3D CG anime Hōseki no Kuni(Land of the Lustrous) directed by Orange CG animation studio and i thought it would be good practice on stylized characters to recreate then in Blender. I don’t think creating the base mesh will pose a problem but when it comes to what lighting/material/texture setup i should use to get those results i am at a loss, especially regarding the gemlike hair and its reflection and refraction(Example Attached). If any1 could spare some time, check it out and if familiar with the techniques used share some knowledge with me it would be deeply appreciated.


Greetings, after playing around with Blender a little this is what i came up with, still nowhere close to the real thing, any tips on how to get a closer result on the hair? It should look transparent yet the scalp shouldn’t be seen underneath.
Second, for the skin im using a toon diffuse at 0.9 size and for the clothes 0.666 any tips on how to improve it r also welcomed. Third i would like to ask if its possible to get caustics like those on cycles or do i need to cheat with some parented lighting or something like that?

You can do tricks with the Lighpath node if you’re in cycles.
Let me know if you’d like to do this on EEVEE, sounds interesting.
I can’t believe no one answered this in 3 years.
Let me know if you’re still on Blender.