Mimicking Dead Cells' Workflow (From 3D animation to 2D pixel animation)

Recently a game called Dead Cells had caught my attention, mainly because of this.

For Dead Cells, what they do is that they have a homebrew program specifically to do what they wanted to.
And I can’t figure out how to recreate this in blender itself through rendering.

Anyone has tried this game or tried to do something similar to this?
And how did you do it?

People have been doing this in blender for a long time. You just have to render the object in blender internal with anti-aliasing turned off, then rescale it in the compositor:

Folks usually use blender internal for this, but you can turn off anti-aliasing in cycles by setting the filter width to .01. Setting it to box is supposed to turn off anti-aliasing, but you will get better results by setting the width to .01. The result will still have a little anti-aliasing, but that goes away after it’s rescaled. You will probably also want to limit the max and min bounce to 0 or 1 as well as turn off reflective and refractive caustics.

Here an example blend of how to do this in cycles:toon.blend (547.5 KB)

There is also this old addon for making pixel art in blender:

The output from this doesn’t seem like anything you can’t get from blender internal, and I don’t think the addon has been updated in a long time.

Thanks, that’s helpful.