"min" button next to filter on map image tab?

i was reading a tutorial and it told me to add this textre change the filter to 0.1 and then press the “min” button next to it. its not there i prolly have a more up to date version the n the one in the tutorial but how can i press min? is it relocated or made into a diff button?

The Min button is there in 2.46 (the current release) but was not there in 2.45. What version are you using?

ok yea i guess i dont have the current realease i didnt think they came out with another. but can u tell me how to switch over my current project to 2.6

Just download 2.46 (note 2.47 release candidates are also out), install, and open your blend file in the new version. You may want to make a copy first, there were some heavy changes in 2.46, so things may change in your blend file. One of the great things about blender is that you can keep different versions installed in separate folders, so upgrading has no effect on your old install.