Min-sik Choi (Oldboy)

So I haven’t touched Blender for probably a year or two. I finally got another computer and I’m trying to get back into it. I never got very good the first time around so I’m going to try to improve using all these new features and doo-hickeys. :stuck_out_tongue: It really doesn’t look like much but I’m going to try utilize the sculpting tool to the best of my abilities and I’m probably going to need people to answer some questions… Actually I already have one. What’s the best way to sculpt a skin texture? I really can’t figure that out but I see a bunch of people who can sculpt pores and wrinkles and I just can’t figure it out. D:

So last night I did some more… I even modeled an ear, which I’ve never done before… I’m not sure how to smoothly attach it to the rest of the head though.


One thing that might help with faces: I usually combine photo from front and profile in same scale and use it as a reference. You got front proportions right but side is wrong (makes face too flat).

Are you really using only one reference? The key to a good model is having a whole lot of hi res reference photos and good topology.
As you currently stand, you have terrible topology, judging by all of those bumps in your model. To fix that you will need to educate yourself about good topology practices, and look at some organic modeling tutorials, also it would be useful to look in to some anatomy tutorials as well.
I have been working on a human head lately, and i have listed some resources i used in the first post that may be of good use to you.
So yeah go do some learning, and hopefully you can improve on your model.
Good luck.