Mind Attic

For my short film I’ve included the concept of a mind attic. (or mind palace from Sherlock Holmes)

I’ve got a long way before the film is finished but I need some critique on how I could improve the render. The files are meant to represent memories and information.

The effect I’m going for is something abandoned/not used very much to reflect a person that’s not pursuing anything in life, they’re too scared to try anything new, somebody that’s generally unhappy, and so end up with a very dirty mind attic.

It should be a lot easier to understand when I have finished the film.

It’s too dark, not that you can’t go for a moody environment, but that it creates a sort of flat result. Some atmospheric fog filling the room would be cool, especially if the lights from the window illuminate through it to show off some floating dust particles. Not enough glare/bloom coming from the windows. The floor is too repetitive. Could use some dirt sprinkled throughout it the wood’s material in between the crevices of the wood. (The spec map could be used as a factor for the mix value of the wood and a dirt texture.)

Nice start I like the light coming through the windows.

In my opinion it is too clean. If it is unused then there should be lots of dust on everything which should make everything less glossy, softer and almost the same color.

Something you may want to consider is having furniture covered in cloth. People often do that when they leave rooms unused for long periods of time. It would be fairly easy with the cloth sim.

That’s quite a good idea! I’l try it :slight_smile:

Yea, I’m just not sure how I would get the floating dust effect.

A particle simulation using planes with alpha image textures as their object. Look for something like this. http://38.media.tumblr.com/ebf8fdc9660682d80717b6b94234629b/tumblr_inline_n97rpqNeHG1qbenep.jpg