Mind Eruption

Another quickie…


Blender’s newest cvs (using the ramp shader and cloud/voronoid procedural)
and ALOT of post prod in photoshop

I like it, it’s very cool (or hot?)

Pretty good.

I think you might have forgotten to outline an edge in the upper right corner though. Either that or you have a nasty little seam there that looks a little funny to me.

Thats awesome! Great job :smiley:

tx for the replies :slight_smile:

MusicMan: I did forget one of the edge…but bwarrghh…won,t tweak it lol

tx again :slight_smile:

best work ever :wink:

i like the curves but strightness of it :wink:



Hey. Neat. Nice for a quickie.

Wow, that would make a kick a** wallpaper! Please send me a 1024x768 version so I can post it on my website’s wallpaper section. If you feel like it :wink:

www.wkoorts.com (email addy at the bottom).


Hey tx for the replies :slight_smile:

3DMantis: well the pic shown above IS 1024x768, so you can post it on your site if you want, just be sure to write that it’s been done by me :wink: (if you need my just check my elysiun email address in my profile)

I don’t really like those black lines, have you tried seeing what it looks like without them?

I tried without the line…it was worst…I sure could have done something else better…but the idea was having some “solid” things that was trying to contain the “eruption”…the black lines represent what hold people back from…well, it’s abstract to interpret it however you feel…I got my view of it…and it’s made so you can have yours too…I don,t want to say my ideas of it so you can have your own.

A little blurry, but very nice none-the-less!