Mind Release

Hello this is my another recent picture on which you can see the little weirdos trying to run away of big weirdo’s head.:smiley:
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Wow, dang. That’s crazy. Nice job.

koool…5 stars.

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Wow… Blackboe said it right: Crazy!

I love all of the little details that you’ve added… The only thing that it doesn’t seem to come together- the background is out of place and there’s lots of artifacts (either because it’s a jpg or because your host isn’t very good)

Four stars, this is absolutely great!

Wow, thats really creative. The machines attached to the guy kind of remind me of the matrix.
5 stars

link not working

Woah, scary! Nice image though.

Nice work! 4 stars

Thanks guys for comments i’m glad you like it.

great stuff.
looks like you lost the idea a bit in the middle of picture (just filling of space) but otherwise interesting picture. especially the little people. (and hands)


i like it. reminds me of the band Voivod’s artwork. especially the album called Nothingface. i checked out your gallery and i really like all of your works. keep it up!