Mind Waker's sketchbook


I started using blender around a year ago and started seriously studying blender last fall. I really enjoy creating stuff in 3D, but I wanna learn more efficient ways to work. I have a background in photography and I’m interested in VFX in films.
I’m in a cooperative that makes music videos, short films and interviews and I’m the “VFX guy” there. I don’t know much yet to call myself as a professional but I get how much work it needs to get that status.

I’ve been working as a intern on the best VFX-house in Finland called TrollVFX (Iron Sky, Deadsnow) and I learnt a whole bunch from those guys and really saw that this is some cool stuff they’re doing.

But anyways here’s a render for Towel Day ^^

I try to update stuff whenever I’m working on something. I have a fire simulation request I need to do, so any input on that would be appreciated, but that’s for another day!

Oh, and would be nice to hear some critiques on my towel day render :smiley:

So long and thanks for all the fish! :smiley:

Nice render.

For some reason, I laughed so hard to that xD

Thanks! Also forgot to mention that this was composited in After Effects CS6. Used glow and Optical Flares on the fireball and just a nudge of curves adjustment and a lookup table from Photoshop CS6.

Have to admit… it was kind of fresh in mind, with Cisco saying it on Flash in the season finale. :smiley:

Some new stuffs.
I tried taking some really advanced projects for myself and noticed that I couldn’t finish them so I decided to try model some easier objects and just learn more stuff.

and a Teddybear which transformed to a likeness study of Ted from the Seth Macfarlane movie.

The hair took ages to make and it constantly crashed my GPU for some reason. Any good tips when creating a fur so it wouldn’t crash my pc all the time and would be more manageable?

All done in blender 2.75
My computer specs:
Amd fx-8150 (Runs around 3.9 - 4.0 Ghz)
GTX 750 4GB OC
16 GB memory