Doing an animation, wanna get some feedback before I start building the final render. It’s meant to be a largely Anime style.
The explosion is going into the head, that’s why the eyes are black at the moment.

Looking for specific advice in:

  • Skulpting
  • Skin
  • Motion Blur
  • Anyone who knows both Makeup (it that is put on faces) and Blender

first off, that’s a good looking head, IMO on the sculpting side, the eyes are too far apart, “Generally” you should have enough space between the eyes to fit another and no more.

Add the eyebrows, get those in there asap, they make a Huge difference in the look of your model.

There are some weird shadows on her skin, especially the jaw and forehead area, like it looks lumpy, could we see the cage mesh?

Thanks for your advice, I’ll be sure to get eyebrows in. At the moment I rendered a test of the animation, with some updates to a few parts. The only possibly non-obvious one is that I tried to add more expression in her left cheek.