Anyone know where I could find a copy of @ndy’s mindfields? (preferably the 600x270)
I’m trying to show a kid just what you can do with blender etc. and mindfields would really help to illustrate my point.

sorry, I think that these links are broken, but I’m currently uploading the file that I have from the old blender3d.org site (it’s the low res one :()

okay, this should work.

Awesome, thanks a billion man.

yeah, I just wish that is was the high res one :(, also, if doesn’t play in kaffeine on kubuntu, does it work for you, and what operating system are you on?

I’m on vista, I just opened it with windows media player. (gonna be dual booting soon)

It’s divx encoded Afaik.

yeah, I guess it works on XP as well, I probably don’t have divx on kubuntu because I’ve been using that for development, not watching movies (I’m one of the unlucky intel notebook users who doesn’t have sound on ubuntu :()

it playes on regular ubuntu fawn using vlc and totam

@hessiess - yeah, I don’t doubt that vlc can play it, but I don’t have that on my kubuntu installation, but it’s not a big deal, I just wanted to make sure that it worked for him. (by the way, I laugh every time that I see your sig joke)

The movie is offline now, I asked @ndy about it and this was his response:

it’s cool to see that people still remember this ugly old movie of mine however, due to the fact that i used music and sound fx that were not licensed to me (i was young and stupid) i have to ask you to take it off, sorry. that’s partially the reason why the movie disappeared from the internet, maybe some day i can find someone to make a good (and legal) audio track for it… at least for old times sake