Mindgunner Demo

First off I would like to say hello and thank you to everyone on this forum. This is my first real post on blenderartists, but I have been in the background reading everything I can here for the last six months. The thank you is for all the knowledge I’ve been able to gleen from everyone here. Keep it up because some noobs actually do read.

But I digress.

My main reason for posting is to share the demo for the game I’ve been working on (when I can) for the last six months.
MINDGUNNER is my attempt to bring a little bit of retro-arcade back from the dead. The premise is simple.
The player controls a gunnery platform that orbits around a central object. Baddies land on said object and randomly shoot out from wherever they are. The player has to destroy baddies while not getting destroyed themselves, and shoot health crates when shields get low.
Sounds simple right?
Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The demo is available for Linux and Windows GLSL only (I don’t have a Mac or I would have built it for that as well)
The linux installer (if not already) needs to be set as executable. Then a simple double click should start it. If it does not then it needs to be run from the command line. The installer should install icons in your menu bar automatically as well as an uninstaller. If it does not please let me know as this installer is a test for me. (it works for me on Ubuntu and Debian but they are basically one in the same)

I could never get sound working in Ubuntu (unpack trick did not work for me, or any of the other suggestions for that matter) but a friend of mine says it works on his RedHat system. So again please let me know.

All comments and feedback are welcome.

I hope you enjoy it.

Linux Installer

Windows Installer (updated)

Windows Zip (no installer for those who have issues with it)

P.S. I am looking for a few people to test the full 20 level version for bugs I might have missed. If you’re interested please post here, and I’ll contact you via pm.


Fatal Error
bad end of central directory record

Aww… I wanted to try it… I just downloaded the windows installer in WindowsXP and that warning error message appears whenever I try to install it.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the error on any of my windows machines or any of my windows vmware sessions.

Until I can figure it out for those who have issues with the windows installer I have included a zip download for the windows version.

Let me know what you think.

what an interesting concept. Mac user here, so I’ll be patient for a build.


If your willing to build a couple binaries for Mac. I’ll slap it together for you.

And for anyone having issues with the windows installer. The first post has been updated with a new build of the installer.

Ok, I tried the ZIP and it worked perfectly. Maybe it was a bad download on my part earlier, and maybe my computer hates me… Anyways, I don’t think it’s your fault; I like blaming things on my computer

Very neat. Quite entertaining, even if I die at it much too quickly. (My best score is 2000)

Abstract geometric patterns for worlds and enemies with cheesy triangle particle explosions and shots remind me a lot of great moderately-old arcade game shooters…

Also, what was up with the floating cube / icosahedron / torus things at the start? if there were words on them I would’ve understood it as a bunch of logos, but it was rather abstract.

EDIT: oh, GLSL… Yeah, I don’t have most of that… I knew there was a reason for them! The rest of the game seemed to look fine (at least, it looked like your screenshots)

lol, nice game, my highest score was 4100 :wink: I can probably get more, but I only played once. Good job :wink:

Sounds like you don’t have GLSL.
The picture below is what you should see with glsl when the game first starts.