"Mine it out" music video


So a few weeks ago GameChap contacted me about an animation opportunity, and I eagerly accepted. My exclusive role was to create the visual side of this music video, song production and upload were of course beyond myself. The entire animation was put together in a little under two weeks, and oh man, was it a whirlwind project!

[check out the behind the scenes here]

Aside from a few very short pieces, I consider this to be my first completed 3D aniamtion. Whoo-hoo! It was also the first time I had used blender internal in a very long time. Cuz, you know, two weeks wouldn’t be enough to even render half of this un cycles :slight_smile: There are certainly a number of things that could have used more time, many of the fights scenes still look so slow even after so many revisits.

Let me know what you think, I’m fully ready for any criticism or stylistic suggestions! With this under my belt, I certainly feel more enticed to create bigger animation projects in the future on my own channel.

Very nice! The lighting and rendering were very good. As you said, the fight scenes were quite slow, and I thought their mouth movements were also. In animation, things should almost always be faster than you think they should when you’re animating it. The only thing that really bugged me was that the wooden handles on the tools were shiny, but that’s just getting nit-picky. Keep up the good work, I hope to see more from you!

Very nice work. I found it very entertaining even though I have never played minecraft.

I Like the animation, but that song was just weird. But like I said the part you did was good. the spiders seemed a bit off from the Minecraft ones, but that’s just nitpicking.

Can you download Minecraft textures or do you have to make your own?


@mslarsen: If you open up the minecraft.jar file with an unzipping program, all the textures are scattered around in various images in there.

The shiny tools bugged me too! I’ve done a couple previous Minecraft videos, but they were rendered in cycles so when I started this project I had to redo all my asset files, and with such a tight deadline things like that had to be overlooked :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Definitely good advice to animate faster than you think it should be… Before this video I had never done a fight scene, so I’ve definitely learned what to improve on from my first time.

How did you create the scene with exploding minecraft blocks?

Do you mean at the end with the blocks floating up? It actually was inherently very easy in this situation: I kept the original, unjoined blocks that made up the house, turned on rigid body physics, turned down gravity quite a lot, and then just let it simulate - it explodes because at the initial position each block overlaps it’s collision box with its neighbor.

If you meant other scenes, it would be a combination of using the cell fracture script and some simple use of the game logic bricks :slight_smile:

>> posted the behind the scenes, nothing too extensive though

Thats some really cool stuff right there, and I found your behind the scenes video very useful! One thing I have to ask though, is how did you do the character models, I really suck at modelling and its one thing I want to improve, so if you know any good resources for newbies wanting to make minecraft models where to learn it, and how to animate them, I’d love to see them!


The character models are essentially just cubes with loop cuts made close to the edges, plus a 2-level subsurf modifier (I know it’s minecraft, but I like the subtle rounding). Rigging is something that certainly takes time to create and perfect. One of the best tutorials I recall, though perhaps on the advanced side, is this one. If you wan to just get to animating, there are some mc rigs on blendswap :slight_smile:

My best advice for learning to animate: just do it! Come up with a project, set a deadline, and go for it. Before this project I wouldn’t have really called myself an animator. Now, I do.

I like this, even though at points the action seems too slow it seems to work well imo, unlike others the shiny tools interest me as it gives an alternative “Enchantment” effect which i haven’t seen done :smiley: so great work there.

Just out of curiosity would you ever consider doing an animation for a minecraft song again?