Minecraft Animated Series

Hi everyone!

I have started working on a Minecraft Movie, that will be released in several shorter episodes.

Here is a WIP shot of one of the scenes:

Here are also four of the characters/rigs I have made.





I am also looking for help from other animators, and I will also be looking for some voice actors later aswell.

Tell me what you think!


voice actors ??..i can do that ! my voice is like James from Metallica ! \m/ Unforgiven !

isyedcg, if you would like to be a voice actor, I would like you to upload a sample of your voice, if possible, so I can see what character you fit best. Please keep in mind I’m pretty picky about actors, so dont be too disappointed if you aren’t accepted.

One of the bad guys:

It’s… him.

Give me a dialogue. .is their any funny characters ?