Minecraft build system

Hello everybody, it possible to do with blender a build system like Minecraft. If possible i want a blend file.

Anything is possible in blender “Where there is a will, there is a way”-Unknown
What do you mean “like minecraft”? what resemblance are you talking about? the pixelated theme or the first/third person ability?

I might be able to make the blend file, but since you sound so commanding I most likely won’t

There’s many minecraft build system examples in the forum, you can do a build system like minecraft (what it is not to difficult), the thing that is hard to do is get a good perfomance, because blender does not have a voxel system, and a world with individual cubes has a horrible performance.

I have something like this, you can use it if you want, there isn’t a break system implemented, but it isn’t hard to do one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hym98zrfp85udu/RobocraftBuilder.blend?dl=0

Have fun! (Don’t use the texture on there is sucks :stuck_out_tongue: )

Have a look at this example by mokazon: