Minecraft Creeper Explosions (Some Blender Camera Tracking 2.62)

Hey guys

Quick little post, I just finished up my first Minecraft related video today, and theres some elements of the video which I did in Blender. The camera tracking and 3D elements in the intro sequence were done with 2.62 and it was my first attempt at using the camera tracker in Blender.

Turned out alright, theres some visible slipping in parts, but I think thats for the most part my super-basic setup, and the fact that Im relatively sure I didnt have the camera setup to match the one I used to film the footage.

I also used After Effects for the additional flares and colour correction, which required some basic camera tracking in After Effects as well, final comp in Premier Pro.
Luckily all versions of Blender from 2.61 onwards come with an after effects exporter (you have to enable it in the addons dropdown, then it will appear in the export menu), so for the parts I tracked in Blender I was able to export the camera data straight into After effects, and apply flares etc properly, without having to re-track. I was quite impressed with that, its great to be able to jump from Blender to After Effects and take important data with you.

Anyway, check out the video below, comments welcome.

At first I was a bit disappointed (I was counting on CG creepers and Steve inserted into footage), but then the explosions started becoming better and better :wink:
As for the tracking, I couldn’t see any slipping (I wasn’t looking very closely, as a person who is not aware of that would do). I like the postpro.

Very good!

Considering you were simply blowing up little figures, I think the post-pro was pretty good; I normally get bored with these things after the second explosion, but the aesthetic merit kept me interested :slight_smile:

Thanks! Interesting you couldnt see any slipping, I think this is a good thing (because I can see a ton!)

Thats good to hear, I was concerned initially, because the song I chose was 4 and a half minutes long and I haddnt planned on making the video even 2 minutes long. So I was worried it would be too drawn out to begin with, then I ended up doing some extra filming, and ended up with way too much footage - so a lot of it didnt even make it in.

It also took quite some time to edit all of the shots individually, which I haddnt anticipated but as you mentioned, it looks quite nice so I believe it was worth all the effort (plus it was all good practice for the work I have coming up next)

Below are some pictures which give more of a breakdown of the post-production, thought it would be interesting to show, you can see how the raw frames looked before Id edited them, quite bland really.

Also a minor detail about rendering from Blender - I found it was best to add a tiny amount of blur to the 3D elements. The camera I used was recording in 240fps mode, and because of that the quality was quite low and a lot of the frames turned out blurry, so when I rendered perfect text into the footage, it looked too crisp and out of place.
Adding some lens distortion helped as well, and de-saturating and dropping the contrast also helped the CGI elements ‘fit in’, then of course it was all colour corrected at once, which I think helped even more.

Basic node setup:

Well, I have to admit that that wasn’t what I expected… but it was cool anyway! I also usually get bored with these “I’m blowing stuff up! Come watch!” videos, but I didn’t with this one actually. I liked it. The slow motion shots were really cool. The music was awesome too, what was the song? Anyway, keep it up.

These creeper explosion look a lot more painful than the game’s! If I knew that I would burn and die if hit by a creeper… Poor Steve… :slight_smile: