Minecraft Eye Constraint Problems

I’m attempting to make a Shulker, an unreleased enemy from the video game Minecraft.

So in order to control the eyes, I have two bones, which can control the left and right eyes. But there is another bone that has the ability to control both at the same time to save some minor hassle.

The bone that controls both eyes has a “Limit Location” constraint, so this doesn’t happen.


As you can see, without the constraint, the bone can allow the pupils to move it’s way out of the eyes.

I also applied this to the other eye bones as well, but if you move one of the eye bones to the edge and then move the controller, the pupil still finds its way out of the eye.

I fixed this by using the “Limit Location” constraint again, but this time I changed “Local Space” to “Pose Space”. This can allow the eye bones’ restraints to always stay put inside of the eye.

But now I have another problem. When I tilt the head, the eye bones’ constraints are still active. Therefore…


…they will still guard the X axis.

Not sure if I explained this very well, but all I want is to tilt the head without any bugs from the eyes.


Shulker.blend (1.38 MB)

Oh, I forgot to put in the Shulker texture! Here it is:

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