Minecraft Ghast model

I had a go at making the new monster, the Ghast, from Minecraft. It’s sort of concept art because it doesn’t strictly resemble the actual monster, excluding the blockyness.


I have two versions now, one is a revision of the first where I added more of a face with expression, I’ll just post both links. I saved both versions separately, so if the 2nd one with the face and nose doesn’t turn out too well I can scrap that idea and go back to v1.

Version 1:

Version 2:

The background is photoshopped in, by the way. I wanted to have an aspect of Minecraft for the background.
Here is the actual Ghast monster said to appear in the Halloween update of Minecraft:

If there are any Minecrafters around, or anyone who wants to contribute suggestions of how I can make it better, have at it.

At the moment, there is SSS and AO-Raytrace-15 samples; rendered in Blender 2.5. I’m just using Blender’s textures for now.

Let me know what you think!

I kinda prefer when Minecraft stuff if kept simple, pixelated and blocky. Sorry man but good work!

I like it, nice work, maybe you could try to put a low ‘spot’ light in the eyes emitting out, it would give the effect of glowing eyes, make your light, set it to spot, then hit F5 to go to the window that shows the editing options, set the energy really low, maybe 1.5 or so, then you need to make the eyes a glass effect, so set the ray transp, then play with the settings to get the glass effect you need, then put the spot light shooting out of the eyes, it will give it a cool effect, ^___^ you can try it if you want, any questions feel free to ask

eh, i didn’t feel like messing around with spotlights, i wanted it to look moderately dark. i almost forgot this thread existed so I never got around to posting the updated images of the Ghast.

Final Render (2.5 internal):
-2 hours render time
-AO: Raytrace - 15 samples

Photoshopped in CS5 for brightness/contrast, slight color changes, DoF gaussian blur, and adding in the background.

Here is the final render, click the image for the full thing:

Nice work! What are your plans for it?